Love what matters, Husband Writes Viral Post On Facebook

The actual price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. All hardships seems to be very easy when someone who is very close to us admires our hard work and efforts. Jessica, a hardworking nurse.



Here is a story of a girl whose husband post her picture on social media while she was eating sandwich after a long and hectic duty of 14 hours. She is a stroke nurse in a Hospital. Her name is Jessica. She treats and cares for patients all the time she is in hospital and continues to serve people without expecting much in return. She even does the job for 14 hours in a day as she loves her job. She continues to do her job day after day without complaining. Jessica’s hard work and Hectic routine



Her husband Philip admires her. He understands well that how much hard work her wife is doing. Philip aware of the fact that how much she tired of 14 hours’ hectic routine but he admires that she come back to home as before, make dinner and after having it, go to her bed to become fresh for the next morning.
Husband’s Appreciation, support and Love.



Her husband Philip wrote a Facebook post for her to show that how much he appreciates her. He wrote that she works hard for 14 hours continuously but it doesn’t mean that she ignores her family and parents. She shows her love for them and doesn’t matter who are you what happened to you, she will take care of you. She is always on time for her shift. At the end Philip shows his love by saying, I love my wife she is my hero.But, having a partner like Philip would definitely be a huge plus as he was very supportive, loving and understanding partner who respects his wife’s hard work.




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